Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio


Directed by Jessica Bauman
New Georges at HERE Arts Center

Susan Zeeman Rogers, scenery / Emily Pepper, costumes / Lenore Doxsee, light

Music Selections
These musical selections are all original;
they were played on sample instruments created for this production by
recording metallic instruments, and using samples of real cowbells.

Review:  "Kudos to Amy Altadonna's witty sound design."  -The New York Times

Review:  "The most impressive design aspect is Amy Altadonna's sound design,
starting with the opening sequence, which blends wind, chimes,
the mooing of cows, the clatter of milk buckets, and what sounded
very much to me like a toy piano.  She also provides a kicky playlist of
'80's hits from the likes of Blondie, Madonna, and A-Ha."
-Lighting and Sound America

Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3
Selection 4

Selection 5

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