Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio


Directed by Nelson Eusebio, III
Yale School of Drama

Paul Gelinas, scenery / Melissa Trn, costumes / Ola Braten, light


The Four Singers tell the story of French poverty,
at times innocently questioning the character
of Marat, at other times terrorizing him.

In the asylum of Charenton, the inmates portray the
horrors, the disappointments, and the hipocrosy
of the French Revolution.
"Homage to Marat/Marat We're Poor"
I created this piece, recorded during a performance,
by rearranging the music originally composed
by Richard Peaslee.
"The People's Reaction"
I composed this piece as an original work
after developing the scene in my imagination,
with an ear to Nelson's style, and to the content
and intention of Wiess' scene.

"Those Fat Monkeys"
In this song, the Four Singers meditate on the inequities of
18th Century French society. I made it an angry punk driven
song to capture the growing frustration of the inmates
for Nelson's modern interpretation of Weiss's Marat/Sade.

Scenic design model box image created by designer Paul Gelinas.

Costume sketch by designer Melissa Trn.
"Homage to Marat/Marat We're Poor"
This was the sketch I produced for my composition to both
communicate the music to the director and design team, and to
assist the Four Singers and the Ensemble in learning the material.
"The People's Reaction"
This is another sketch I created; I sent copies of this music
and lead sheets to the band who performed live in the play
as a means to communicate my artistic intention.

In both recordings, the piano line represents the vocal melody.

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