Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

Collidescope 2.0

Directed by Ping Chong & Talvin Wilkes
University of Massachusetts Theatre Department

Mimi Lien, scenery / Jessica Ford, costumes / Kate Freer, projection / C. Webster Marsh, light

Top of show and first transition
The Mothership...she hums as she hurtles through space,
she articulates her research on human beings,
she recreates vignettes of life on Earth for examination.
Text by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilkes, voiceover by the designer.
I composed the vocoding layer to accentuate the dramaturgy of the text.
Moving through the play...
...the Mothership peers into times and places across U.S. history,
recreating it with both unapologetic clarity and
an expressionistic contortion of the familiar.
Heaving and listing under the stress and weight of toxic race relations in the United States,
the Mothership begins to misfire, malfunction, and stall.

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