Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

Marie Antoinette

Directed by Christina Pelligrini
University of Massachusetts Theatre Department

Ed Check, scenery / Bethany Eddy, costumes / C. Webster Marsh, light

Top of Show - Paparazzi into Vogue
Marie and her entourage enter to blinding flashbulbs
and a hungry that eventually eats her alive.
As the play progresses...
...the polish of her exterior life (reflected in the high-production
value pop music and the "organized" and repetitive outdoors sounds
from her constructed nature retreat) deteriorates, along with her
safety and self-image.

Towards the end...
...the environment, her clothing, and the aural world
continue to disintegrate around Marie.
I created some of the sounds and underscores by manipulating recordings of
sheep and windmills, two visual and aural ingredients in Marie Antoinette's
world...sounds she would have heard all those years ago in her real life.

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