Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

On the Verge

Directed by Jayce Tromsness
The Warehouse Theatre

Exploring the "Menacing Jungle,"
the intrepid polytopians must
fight off strange machinery in a
world that is not what it seems to be.
The travelers encounter a "howling ice
field" which they painstakingly traverse
until their rope breaks, sending them
spinning towards the "lip of the void."
Scene undercoring.
Underscore for choreographed,
stylized movement.

Review: "[The play is] wonderfully accented by Amy Altadonna's sound effects. This production is
a truly delightful piece of theatre magic..."  -The Greenville News

Review: "The Warehouse always excels in the technical...aspects of their shows and On the Verge
is no exception. Amy Altadonna's crisp and clever sound design greatly enhances
the mood and atmosphere..."  -The MetroBeat

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