Amy Altadonna

UMass Sound Department

Welcome to the resource page for UMass Sound Design!
Below are links to documents and videos meant to enhance your learning,
affirm the information from course lectures, and offer opportunities for you
to review topics at your own pace.


Logic Pro X Parametric Equalizer "Channel EQ" Plugin

My web diagram about the facets of Sound Design

Sound Design Vocabulary Sheet


Logic Pro X

Introductory Logic Review (9:06)

Logic ~ Instruments and Samples (19:28)

Logic ~ Bouncing (5:52)

Logic ~ Advanced Tools for EXS24 Edit ability (1:29)

Bussing with Brendan Lynch! (13:18)

Qlab v3

Qlab Introduction Tutorial, part 1 (7:28)
Qlab Introduction Tutorial, part 2 (9:18)

Project Reference Examples

Sound Design I
Image Design Project
GOOD Example
Sound Design I
Image Design Project
BAD Example


Patching and unpatching a Neutrik speakon connector into a loudspeaker:

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