Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

Polaroid Stories

Directed by John Hagner
The College of William and Mary

I composed this song for the actor playing
Philomel to sing during the performance, and
I wove a recorded version into underscoring that
played during her other scenes.

This is the first sound cue I ever created;
I recorded radio snippets onto my computer and
used CoolEdit Pro to compile the samples
into this sequence.
Excerpt from recorded
portions of Philomel's Song.
During the process of working on this production,
we all experienced 9/11; in fact, it was during a
recording session in my home, that the actors and I
found out about the crisis. In order to commorate
the event, and to acknowledge the reality of creating
art in the real world, I wove radio announcements
about this event into my cue.

Review: "...mood setting music by Amy Altadonna
that strikes home hard and true..."  -The Flat Hat

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