Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

Dwight/Edgewood Project

Directed by Patricia McGregor and Michael Walkup

Photographs Courtesy of Ruth Feldman

Tyrone and Nyah write their plays.

Photograph Courtesy of Ruth Feldman

Janiris and her mentor Aubyn meet with me to
discuss her play and sound ideas.

D/EP is a program, similar to the
52nd Street Project, that pairs middle school
students with mentors for a four week
playwriting course which includes a tech
process and performances.

I had a fantastic time working with
the kids, mentors and directors; we created
eleven shows that took place in the woods,
in space, Asia and high school; they were
touching, funny, original, and revealed things
about the playwrights that would never have
appeared to us in any other form of communication.

"My Sister is Always Right"
This song was written by middle school playwright
Andrew Pariss; his mentor, Barret O'Brien, sings
in this recording. Andrew, Barret, Chris Grant
(the guitar player) and I collaborated on bringing
the song to life. It was performed during
Andrew's play, Avenge of Germinator.
"The Lullaby of Kiki and Bonbon"
Cynthia Herrara wrote lyrics for this sweet
lullaby. Her mentor, Nikki Berger, performed
along with this recording of the music accompaniment I
composed for Cynthia's play, Kiki and Bonbon's Adventure.

The Camp
Let Us Play
Kiki and Bonbon
Honor, Strength, Fear
Avenge of Germinator
Incomplete Love
Romantic Ghost Story

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