Amy Altadonna

Sound Designer and Composer
for the Theatre

I am a professional sound designer and composer for theatre and film. I have designed
sound systems and created original music, ambiences and effects for over 100 staged
productions and musicals. I have done location sound mixing, boom, audio post
and re-recording for film and other video media, including television segments and
vodcasts for The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

I use sound, music and silence to enhance storytelling and to evoke emotional
and physiological responses in my audience. I feel that by
understanding text, collaborators, and audience,
I can bring my musicality to bear on the ears and the psyches of my listeners,
creating physiological experiences that can be aching, melancholy,
terrible and sublime.

I have a special interest in education and mentorship,
and have worked extensively in university settings.

Taking recordings of Carrot for my production of Milk!

Speaking with William Neal on the Collaborator Party live stream,
thanks to our friends at VirtualArtsTV.




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