Amy Altadonna
Sound Design Portfolio

Bastards of Strindberg

Directed by Henning Hegland and Alicia Dhyana House
Scandinavian American Theatre Company at The Lion/Theater Row

Starlet Jacobs, scenery / Nicole Wee, costumes / Yuki Nakase, light

photos by Kait Ebinger

Music Selections
These original musical selections were composed in collaboration with
Danish recording artist and vocalist Anette Norgaard and violinist Elyssa Samsel.

"The play begins with Amy Altadonna s haunting and mystical sound design
(accompanied by a captivating live performance by vocalist and composer Anette Norgaard),
the ensemble arrives onstage in a ceremonial dance, inviting the audience into
the jubilant sexuality that underlies the evening of John and Julie s encounter."

"A European flair in the music that grounds the play, and develops with the shifting narratives."

- Lee Kinney for Theatre Is Easy

Dance No 1
Dance No 2
Dance No 3
Dance No 4

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